Before we get ready to go to Disneyland California in three short weeks (March, 2023), I HAVE to tell you about the time Nick gifted me a solo trip! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and it honestly made me love the California parks on a whole new level.

After our wash of trip to San Antonio, TX, Nick and I went our separate ways at the airport. I went to California, and Nick went back home. My flight was really early in the morning so that I could get to the parks as soon as possible. It was a short three hour flight, and was there in no time!

After I checked into my hotel, I stayed at The Anaheim Hotel and it was perfect! They let me check in HOURS early, and it was so close to the parks. It was only a FIVE minute walk to the esplanade, which is where you can access the entrance to both Disneyland and California Adventure.

Day One Vlog

Day two Vlog