Downtown Disney, Disneyland, and California Adventure.

SO… I know that it may look like I’m a bit crazy because just 2 blogs ago, I posted my solo Disneyland, CA trip. I was playing catch up when writing that and JUST got around to posting it a few months ago. A little refresher, back in June, 2022 I went on that solo trip to Disneyland, CA that Nick had gifted me 😊 

This trip was also a gift! Back during Christmas 2022, Nick gifted me tickets again to Disneyland, CA (the man knows that’s all I ever want, lol)! We decided to go for our anniversary trip (but a month early) so that Nick could also go to the Stick To Your Guns 20th anniversary shows!

At the time, I didn’t know that it was going to be the 100th anniversary celebration, so when it was time to plan, the excitement was REAL! I am so lucky that I was able to be at Disney World for the 50th, and Disneyland, CA for the 100th!

Downtown Disney

After a full day of traveling, Nick and I made it to Anaheim. After checking into the hotel, we headed to Downtown Disney to get some food before Nick headed to the first of four shows. I stayed at Downtown Disney to look around and do some shopping! I was also trying to beat jet lag, so this was a smart choice because I was so tired, still am 😅 

Day One

My solo day!

Day Two

The day Nick joined me!

Disneyland On Film

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